Phentermine Worked for Me; but I Did Not Buy Phentermine Online

I was prescribed Phentermine by my doctor several years ago so I was consistently gaining weight despite efforts to maintain a healthy weight.  I did not even ask my doctor for the prescription, as I was in the office for allergy medicine.  However, once he noticed my weight gain he recommended that I buy phentermine online.

I was very worried about getting addicted to these pills, so from the beginning I was very careful about using them.  I did not take the as often as prescribed, which was once per day.  I took them at the most once every other day.  I did not want to buy phentermine online, I just wanted to get them safely form my doctor.

At the time, I was working at a law firm and was extremely busy.  Working 70+ hours a week can take its toll on your body.  I was not getting enough sleep and not eating healthy. I have always thought that I was borderline hypoglycemic.  If I am not able to eat consistently throughout the day, then I will get extremely grumpy.  When hungry, I am very irritable, my stomach hurts, and I get headaches.  Additionally, I am always craving carbs.  I will eat all the bread on the table before a meal at a restaurant and be satisfied.

Now back to my phentermine prescription.  As I mentioned before I was working ridiculously long hours and also seemed to be hungry all the time.  Phentermine helped me so much, even just taking them once every other day.

I would take the pill first thing in the morning when I woke up.  I did this because otherwise I would not be able to sleep at night because I felt the effects of the diet pill all day long. Taking phentermine helped my job performance.  I had a dramatic increase in energy.  It was as thought I could work 15+ hours in a day and not even feel exhausted.  Also, my brain seemed to be working better!  My memory and alertness were significantly improved while taking phentermine.

The biggest benefit of phentermine was appetite suppressant.  I actually had to remind myself to eat the healthy meals I had prepared because I was just not hungry.  This is another reason why I could take the pills every day because then I would not be eating enough and I would nto reach my goals of being healthy.

So the truth is, phentermine is not a long term solution to weight loss.  But if you buy phentermine online and take it carefully, you can jump start your weight loss.