Side Effects of Phentermine pill

Side effects of Phentermine Pill If we recommend Phentermine pill prescription medication for weight loss, it is quite essential that we also inform you about its adverse effects as well. Although cheap phentermine pill is safe and quite effective, it may bring in various side effects that come absolutely free with its consumption. Many ask us why side effects emerge. Side effects are due to the change in chemical metabolism in our body when we consume the medication. As a result the sudden introduction of unknown chemicals into our body tends to create various side effects. Phentermine may also introduce side effects on consumption.

Commonly known side effects of Phentermine includes –

Increased blood pressure – BP may go up

Heart palpitations – rapid and irregular heart beat

Restlessness – one can get restless

Tremor – one may also feel mild tremors

Sleeplessness – Symptoms of mild Insomnia

Breathing difficulty – Shortness of breath

Chest pain – Mild pain in chest

Dizziness – Slight dizziness

Dry mouth – Mouth dries up generating feeling of thirst

Unpleasant taste – Tastelessness or getting awkward taste

Diarrhea – Phentermine can create stomach disorder

Constipation – It may also result in constipation

Vomiting – You may get a yucky feeling and feel like throwing up

Swelling of the legs and ankles – it rarely happens, though it can emerge

Difficulty doing exercise that you have been able to do earlier- stiffness in the body

These are the most common side effects that have been detected during the clinical trials of Phentermine. However most of these side effects emerge for a very short duration i.e. in the initial stages of the medication. And once the body gets used to the medication, these Phentermine pill side effects vanish away like they were never there. However there can be situation’s when the side effects of Phentermine pill can sustain for a longer period (more than 2-3 days). This can be alarming and it is recommended that you should stop using Phentermine pill and see your doctor immediately. It is possible that your body doesn’t take Phentermine very well.